We have worked on several high-traffic content sites in the past few years — from researching keywords and selecting blog topics to writing and even outsourcing blog posts. I have written tons of articles myself as well, in fact, I am still writing regularly for UntalkedSEO and for my personal blog.

All I am trying to say is that we understand all the pain points of content creation.

One day, I and Bikash were randomly talking about business and how one doesn’t even need to learn new things or acquire new skills to do business and make money. They can earn money only with what they already know.

We were just randomly chit-chatting and Bikash casually suggested that what if we start a service and offer what we are good at, something that we already know well enough. Though we couldn’t finalize whether we were doing it or not, the idea stayed with us, and we found ourselves discussing it again after a few weeks.

I remember talking about the same with my friend Amit as well, who gave us some interesting insights about the market opportunities.

Finally, we decided that we won’t be buying domain names and building the landing pages for this initially. Let’s first validate the idea, if people actually want it, and then proceed. I created a simple Notion dashboard to set up a basic idea of what and how it’s going to be.

One day, I was talking to Khaled Bentoumi and I showed him the Notion dashboard, and he said, “I’ll send you $1000 right away if you’re open for orders. I will happily be your first customer”.

And that’s when it surprised both of us, and we started taking it seriously.

Why Fluxette?

Now, it was time to buy the domain name, and we started brainstorming. The core idea of starting this service was that we will be helping people with their blogs by providing them with a “continuous flow” of well-researched and strategically-planned blog posts.

Notice the phrase “continuous flow” here? Yes, “continuous flow” turned into “flux” after brainstorming.

But rarely any domain with the name “flux” was available, of course. So, we started searching for prefixes or suffixes that we can add to the word “flux” to make it unique, and that’s when “ette” came up.

“Ette” means small or tiny. It’s a French word.

Fluxette — small but continuous flow

We liked it and bought the domain Fluxette.com.

I asked a few friends if they could spell Fluxette — some spelled it correctly while some spelled Fluxete (with a single “t”). So, we bought the domain Fluxete.com too and redirected it to the main domain.

What is the service exactly, and how does it help?


  • When you hire a writer to write your blog posts, they expect a “content brief” for every blog topic. In fact, with content briefs, they can create better content.
  • When you hire an SEO, they would just provide you with a list of profitable keywords, they won’t be creating detailed content briefs for each topic.


And that’s the gap we are trying to fill in through Fluxette:

  • We would be doing keyword research
  • We would be doing competitor analysis
  • We would be analyzing existing posts
  • We would be strategizing blog posts, and
  • We would be creating detailed content briefs

In other words, you will save tons of time and won’t have to worry about the quality of your blog posts. Because even mediocre writers can create great content by following our content briefs and instructions.

We plan blogs!

Benefits that our customers would be getting

Some of the benefits that our customers should expect are:

  • Save more than 100 hours in research and planning
  • Create better and higher-quality content
  • Create content at a faster pace
  • Focus only on what matters the most — content creation
  • Better search engine rankings and ultimately better organic traffic
  • Establish themselves as the ultimate go-to resource in the niche
  • Better SEO with our internal linking and meta tags suggestions

What is the overall process like?

Once the order is placed, here’s what the overall process looks like:

  • We analyze client’s website/project and understand their business
  • We do keyword research and competitor analysis (both business and content competitors)
  • Based on the research, we choose different areas where they need blog content
  • We strategically plan blog posts that are easier to rank and that are useful for their business
  • We create detailed and easily understandable content briefs for all the finalized blog posts
  • We add internal linking suggestions in all the posts
  • Finally, we deliver everything in a beautiful Notion dashboard (see a sample)

And that’s all about Fluxette — how it started and how we operate.

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